“Hand-Me-Down Gold” print mounted on wood


Art print on cradled wood panel ready to hang! $4.95 Flat-rate shipping any size order in USA.

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Artist: Andrea Bogdan.
Medium: Cradled wood panel. This print is ready to hang!
Sizes: Available in 10×10, 8×8, 6×6 or 4×4 inch.
Stickers: Sizes range up to 4 1/2 inches depending on shape. Stickers are not autographed.
Shipping: $4.95 Flat-Rate shipping in USA / Canada. USPS First Class arrives in 5-10 business days. International Shipping also available.

Description: This was really fun to paint because the idea of using “natural imagery” is mostly foreign to me. I’ve been thinking a lot about talents that are handed down to us through our ancestors, and how with every generation there’s an opportunity for their unique expression. In this case, it’s creativity, symbolized by the marigold seeds. Sometimes the skills stay dormant, and sometimes they are cultivated, but their potential revival is imminent as the generations march forward. The chalk outline around this person is intentional, and folks can read into that whatever they’d like. The glitter is on the seeds only.

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10×10, 4×4, 6×6, 8×8, Sticker


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