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Best Art Shows in Downtown LA

1. Corey Helford Gallery

The vast space, the bar, the music, the vibe (and the art of course) all combine to make this gallery a monthly destination to see their latest exhibition.

Corey Helford Gallery
Corey Helford Gallery 2017

Corey Helford Gallery
571 S Anderson St
Los Angeles, CA 90033

2. Superchief Gallery LA

Stocked with plenty of Pabst Blue Ribbon, wine and daring art too, the shows at Superchief never disappoint.

Superchief Art Gallery Los Angeles
Superchief Gallery Tri-Coastal 6th Annual Mega Group Show – LA Edition, June 1, 2018 (photo by Richard Brown)

Superchief Gallery
739 Kohler St.
Los Angeles, CA 90021

3. Gabba Gallery

Okay, technically not in the middle of downtown – but close enough for a visit. Director/Curator Jason Ostro not only knows how to attract scenesters to his shows, he also knows how to attract scenesters that buy art. There are plenty of people and red dots at Gabba. Bar is stocked with beer, sometimes wine, and always a blended vodka drink.

Gabba Gallery art show
Gabba Gallery, Los Angeles (photo by Richard Brown 2018)

Gabba Gallery
3126 Beverly Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90057

4. Chung King Road Galleries

The Greg Escalante Gallery closed with Greg’s passing in 2017 but Chinatown is still happening with an array of galleries on and near Chung King Road, such as: Coagula, Red Pipe and Cause Gallery.

Art Galleries Chung King Road Chinatown
Artist, Darrell Harvey, Chung King Road (photo by Richard Brown 2017)

Chung King Road Galleries
Chung King Road

5. Cactus Gallery

Cactus Gallery owner Sandra Mastroianni, just celebrated her well-deserved 13th Anniversary. These shows are laid back and the BYOB philosophy usually results in more beer than wine. This is the premier gallery to visit during the annual Frogtown Artwalk as well as their monthly exhibitions.

Cactus Gallery in Los Angeles
Cactus Gallery in Frogtown (photo by Richard Brown 2018)

Cactus Gallery
3001 N. Coolidge
Los Angeles, CA

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